You can access some software to use at home. For more information what software is available and how to get it, check the at home software webpages.

Microsoft Office 2016

You can also get Microsoft Office 2016 to install at home on up to 5 computers.

Once you have accessed your email account you can download Microsoft Office 2016 from there. To do this firstly login to your email account. Click on the Office 365 link at the top left hand corner of the screen and click on the Install Office 2016 button at the top right hand side as shown below:

GCU AppsAnywhere

GCU AppsAnywhere is a software service which allows students and staff to run software on-demand to any Windows PC. The benefits of using GCU AppsAnywhere are:

  • Available now on GCU campuses in Glasgow & London on student lab, classrooms and staff computers
  • Software does not need to be installed on the machine to allow you to use it. Just go to our GCU AppsAnywhere homepage and choose the application you wish to use
  • You can use the AppsAnywhere on your own Windows PC to run software from the University, All you need is a one-time install of the Cloudpaging Player.
  • Software always the most up-to-date version in use at the university