We have the following tech labs around campus:


You will find many computer labs throughout the University. They are normally heavily timetabled for teaching (if there are still some free spaces please ask the lecturer if you can use them). When not being used by a timetabled class they are available for ‘open access’ use. This means that you can make use of these facilities to work on your assignments, GCU Learn modules or email. All workstations are fully networked and have access to a printer. Large clusters of open access computers will be found in the Saltire Centre and the 24 hour lab. Ask at the Library Desk for further information.

You have already agreed to abide by IT regulations by accepting a place at this University. This clearly states what is and what is not an acceptable behaviour in labs. Please also be careful not to leave your belongings unattended at a workstation. As well as being vulnerable to theft, they may be moved by staff or students, as at peak times demand for access is high. You should also not bring food and nor drinks to the labs, however bottled water or cold drinks are usually OK.

Opening hours vary but there are some computer labs available 7 days a week throughout semester (during vacation a shorter timetable of opening hours usually operates). Check the full details of labs on the Labs page. You can use the Find a computer webpage for more details how to find free computer online by checking the Computer Usage Overview page or through sending a text message.

Learning Café

The Learning Cafe is a group study space. It is located on the ground floor of the CEE building, next to the Santander branch. It is a less formal coffee shop style environment, suitable for social interaction and study, with computers connected to the Internet. There are also colour printing facilities available.

24 hour ICT Lab

The 24 hour ICT Lab is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Association building. You will need to swipe your Student card to get access after 6pm on weekdays and during the weekends. There are also two printers/photocopiers available – one black and white and one colour.

Saving your work

It's important to save your work regularly and to a safe location; e.g. your H:drive or a USB Pen drive. All PCs in the University are configured to delete all user data saved locally on the computers (Desktop, C: drive, My Documents, etc) after each system restart which happens every night and sometimes during the day as well.