Usernames & Passwords

When will I receive my usernames and passwords for the University IT systems?

As a student at GCU you will use a number of usernames and passwords for your studies.

  • Username - by default initially the same for all systems, see your registration email
  • Password - by default initially the same for all systems, also in your registration email.

University system information

 GCU SystemAccount Set-up System Usage More details & Change passwords
myCaledonian Account set up for registration Web portal , includes personal information such as exam results. Also use for registration. Computer stuff
 Campus Network Account normally set up 48 hours after registration  To use PCs on campus Computer stuff Network
GCULearn Account set up after you register  Virtual Learning Environment Computer stuff GCU Learn

 Username & password problems?

Contact the Information Service Desk if you have problems with your usernames or passwords.