Your First Weeks

Congratulations on your choice to study at Glasgow Caledonian University. There are some key activities that we recommend all of our new students complete. By taking care of formalities and taking part in social and academic welcome sessions, you will feel at home here in no time.

Our International Welcome Programme is also packed full of activities for all new students and is a great way to ensure that your GCU experience is truly international.

Your first two weeks at a glance

Collect your student ID card

If you are joining GCU in September 2021, you will receive information on your registration instructions about collecting your card. This year student ID cards will be posted to term time addresses in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

You must have registered online and uploaded or sent us a photograph before collecting.

Visit our Student ID Card section form more information.

Make a note of your username and password

The username that you received in your joining instructions is the one you use throughout your studies at GCU.

You'll also receive your password and you change this regularly to help keep your information and our systems safe. 

Find out more about username and passwords on our IT pages.

Attend induction

Induction takes place the week before classes begin. Induction activity is designed to help you get to know the people and services available in your school of study.

Information on school inductions

Get a campus locker

Please note lockers are currently unavailable due to campus restrictions around Covid-19. However we hope to make these available shortly.

Having somewhere secure to store books and materials makes it easier to explore the campus and juggle academic and social time.

 Living well

Looking for a part-time job

You can call into the Careers Centre and register on our online vacancy and events service.

Organise your funds

From tuition fees and scholarships to opening a bank account and getting a job (full-time or part-time), there is a lot to organise to during your time at GCU. Visit out Fees an Funding pages to help you budget for the months ahead. 

Register with a GP

If you have recently moved to Glasgow, you will need to register with local healthcare services. 

Our guide to healthcare services available should prove a useful starting point.

Join a gym or sporting club

Please note that the ARC is currently closed to staff and students as it's currently operating as a Covid-19 testing facility. However we are aiming to have this opened soon.

The Arc, which is our on-campus multi-purpose gym, is open to everyone and offers a range of discounted memberships for students. The GCU Students’ Association runs a wide range of sports clubs and new members of varying ability are always welcome.

Stay positive

Being healthy and happy are the two biggest contributors to a successful University experience.

If you need someone to talk to as you make the transition into student life, our Wellbeing Team provide a range of supports services to help you make that adjustment

 Learning well

Explore your learning environment

The library and academic community at GCU can equip all of our students with the learning resources they need, whatever the level of study.

To ensure you can access and make the most of these resources available to you, visit our explore learning at GCU webpages.

Visit your learning development centre

Each school has a Learning Development Center (LDC) dedicated to providing academic support and guidance to our students. If English is not your first language or you are studying at a new level or in a style you are not familiar with then this is something your school LDC can help you with. 

Put additional support in place

Disabled students can participate in life at GCU as equally and actively as possible with the help of from our Wellbeing Team and Disability Service. Make contact with the team as early as possible and they will support you throughout your time here.