Hindu/Spiritualist chaplain


Hindu/Spiritualist Chaplain at Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr Sujata Sriram

'I am a Respiratory Physician based at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. I am passionate about Holistic and Spiritual wellbeing.

I was brought up in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, in India where I qualified with an MD., degree in Medicine and my keen interest in the specialty of respiratory medicine attracted me to the UK. I moved to Glasgow in 1992, where I live with my husband and daughter.  

Whilst going through a "midlife crisis" I explored the Vedic scriptures to get back to my roots and also read widely into Western spiritualism. I am a patron of the Hindu Temple of Scotland.

In 2010 I began volunteering for the Art Of Living Foundation, a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian global organisation engaged in stress-management and service initiatives  www.artofliving.org/uk-en and revved into an accelerated phase as I took several refresher / advanced courses /silence retreats. I became a Teacher and Facilitator for the Art of Living in Sept 2016 and I now run the the AOLE (UK) Happiness Programme. Earlier this year I was appointed Ambassador for Peace by the Glasgow Peace Federation.

In my profession I am constantly dealing with challenges and the Breathing techniques of the Art Of Living have helped me immensely to combat stress and stay focussed and energised. I am keen to connect with young people in education and offer support. I enjoy hillwalking and gardening.

I have conducted several Yoga Relaxation & Meditation Workshops in the community for ethnic minority and refugee asylum seeker groups and free Drop in Knowledge and Meditation sessions for students at Glasgow University.


Mobile: +44 7553746720

Email: sujata@uk.artofliving.org