Chaplaincy circleOur team of multi-faith Chaplains are here to offer support and spiritual guidance to all students at Glasgow Caledonian University. Our aim is to enhance cultural and religious experiences, bringing together students of all faiths and none in a supportive and inclusive environment. The Chaplains offer a personal approach to faith and belief, and are available for one-to-one meetings throughout the week.

a welcome message from the GCU chaplaincy team

As a team, the Chaplains offer:

  • Group worship sessions
  • Acknowledgements of events in the religious calendar
  • Appointments and drop-in sessions for one-to one spiritual advice and guidance
  • Group sessions on religious topics to enable people to reflect on their own values and beliefs
  • Quiet, reflective space for the individuals and groups
  • Advice to academics and others on the faith needs of students
  • Involvement in inter-faith and faith in the community events

You are welcome to consult the chaplains whether you are part of their congregation or not. The chaplains provide care and support to those of any faith or none. The chaplains are also happy to provide pastoral care to University Staff. 

If your religion is not represented and you would like to talk about working with us, please ask an appropriate representative of your religious group to contact We are always keen to encourage students to form faith groups through the Student's Association and will support them in the provision of events and worship sessions.