How accessible is your teaching?

How accessible is your teaching? Checklist
The following checklist provides guidance to programme teams about a minimum standard that the University would consider for making programmes and teaching more accessible and inclusive.
It also provides an opportunity for identifying barriers and biases in programme material/activities. Additionally, it aligns with the Strategy for Learning Principle of inclusive, accessible learning and supports the University’s compliance with the Equality Act (EQA) 2010.
GCU is committed to the development of learning opportunities which are inclusive by design and which do not discriminate against disabled learners. Many of the approaches that will benefit students with disabilities will be helpful to all students and should be adopted within an inclusive teaching framework.
This is intended as a quick look check list but for more detailed inclusive practice guides relating to making teaching material accessible and specific disabilities please go to Staff Materials section of the GCU Disability Team webpage or contact your departments Academic Disability Co-ordinator (ADC).