Guide to Inclusive Field Trips

GCU is committed to the development of learning opportunities which are inclusive by design and which do not discriminate against disabled learners. Many of the approaches that will benefit disabled students will be helpful to all students and should be adopted within an inclusive teaching framework.

Listed below are some useful tips to help you plan an accessible field trip for all your students.

General Good Practice:

  • Provide students with dates and details of field trips in the module handbook and in writing at the beginning of the semester
  • Provide students with a Student Participation Agreement at the earliest opportunity
  • Following on from information supplied by students in the Student Participation Agreement, staff attending the field trip should familiarise themselves with any student RAPs that are disclosed
  • Where necessary provide students with the opportunity to meet and discuss any specific  support requirements
  • Where necessary discuss an individual risk assessment plan with students who have specific support requirements

Student Participation Agreement

Below are some suggested questions to include in any Student Participation Agreement you provide in advance of the trip:


Do you have a RAP (Recommended Adjustments Page)?  Yes/No/Don’t know *Delete as appropriate

Additional Support Requirements:

Do you have a long term medical condition or impairment that may require additional support or adjustments in relation to this field trip? Yes/No/Don’t Know *Delete as appropriate

If you answered Yes or Don’t know, please give details:

  • Nature of Condition/Impairment
  • Please Identify any Additional Support Requirements (if you’re not sure, please just write ‘Don’t know’)

Medical Information:

Have you any condition that requires medical attention or medication (e.g. Asthma, epilepsy, diabetes)? Yes/No *Delete as appropriate

If yes, please give details