Guide for Inclusive Placement Planning

GCU is committed to the development of learning opportunities which are inclusive by design and which do not discriminate against disabled learners. Many of the approaches that will benefit disabled students will be helpful to all students and should be adopted within an inclusive teaching framework.

Listed below are some useful tips to help you plan an accessible Placement for all your students.

Placement Planning Report (PPR)

The Placement Planning Report has been introduced to assist students, their lecturers and the Disability Team in assessing placement related needs.

Placement Coordinators/Academic Advisers/Academic Disability Coordinators may find it to be a useful resource for shaping and recording informal discussions with a disabled student in preparing for placement. It may help to shape and inform discussions e.g. about whether disclosure to a placement provider would be helpful and appropriate.

In some circumstances, a disabled student's Recommended Adjustments Page (RAP) will recommend that the Placement Planning Report is used in preparing for all placements. We have developed guidance, our Professional Placement Planning Checklist which outlines what process is to be followed in all such cases.