Service Evaluation 2017/18

In May 2018, we invited all students who had engaged with the Disability Team to complete our annual service evaluation.

Approximately a quarter of all students we contacted responded (265).

Of those:

  • 94% of you were ‘home’ students and 6% were international, EU and exchange students.
  • 49% of you were from the School of Health & Life Sciences, 26% from the School of Engineering and Built Environment, and 24% from the Glasgow School of Business & Society.
  • The conditions or impairments you most commonly identified with were specific learning difficulties (33%), a mental health condition (20%), another disability not listed (10%) or an autism spectrum condition (8%).
  • You most likely heard about us from a member of staff in another department (39%) or because we contacted you directly - typically prior to the start of your course (29%).
  • 75% of you had attended a meeting with the Disability Team during the academic year 2017/18.
Overall satisfaction

In terms of overall satisfaction with the service provided, levels remained high overall:

  • 83% of you were happy with the waiting time for an appointment (although this was down quite significantly from 93% last year)
  • 76% (a 6% decrease) of you felt the service had met your expectations
  • 71% (an 8% increase) felt that using the service had positively enhanced your student experience
How our services benefitted you

A majority of you reported that services provided by the Disability Team had helped you succeed at University, including: “meeting with a Disability Adviser” (80% overall, a 5% increase on last year), recommendations in your NAR (69%, an 11% increase on last year), and signposting to other relevant services (68%).

What was also great to learn was how accessing advice or support from the Disability Team had impacted on your skills and confidence, with:

  • 73%of you feeling more confident discussing your needs and asking for help when required
  • 63% better able to find your way around campus and locate other services
  • 66% feeling more able to manage your studies independently
  • 58% feeling more able to manage time more effectively and 55% able to prioritise your workload more effectively
  • 55% writing and checking your own assignments
  • and 57% better at note taking

 Finally, we asked “Overall, how disability aware and welcoming to disabled students do you consider GCU to be, based on your personal experiences?” 60% thought ‘very’, 32% thought ‘somewhat’ and 7% thought ‘not at all’.

Continuing Improvements

Despite the overall positive responses, we’re keen to continue to improve what we offer, so that all students at GCU are given the opportunity to succeed and get the most out of all that university has to offer. To do that, we’ve been continuing to develop and introduce improvements to what we offer, including:

  • A brand new programme of pre-entry workshops for new dyslexic students (called ‘Dyslexic & Confident’), offering advice and training in strategies to aid reading, writing and note taking. These were launched in August 2018, and feedback from participants was very positive.
  • Advice, training and resources to academic colleagues across the university to promote an inclusive student experience, including an accessible curriculum (which minimises the need for individual adjustments). This has included a new checklist for the design of teaching and assessment methods and resources ‘How Accessible is your Teaching?’
  • Continued investment in a range of assistive technologies available on campus and in our loan pool. This has included an upgrade to hardware in the Assistive Technologies Reading Room (which was also relocated from level 3 to level 2 in the library)

If you’d like to find out more about these developments, or anything else we might be able to do for you, please just get in touch.