Disabled students allowance

No student at GCU will be expected to pay for any service or facility which the Disability Team recommends as essential, to address the impact of disability on your studies.

Some students’ additional arrangements are funded through a scheme called ‘Disabled Students Allowance’ (DSA). This scheme only covers home (UK resident) students. Students cannot apply for DSA independently. Your application must be submitted by the Disability Team, on your behalf, and accompanied by a detailed ‘Needs Assessment Report’ in which the Disability Adviser you have met explains the impact of your condition or impairment on your studies and will make any recommendations for equipment or services which are to be funded through DSA.

As the process of applying for DSA funding can take a number of weeks, the Disability Team will make loan equipment temporarily available to students. We will also provide, or pay for in advance, any additional services you need to access.

When a student is not eligible for DSA funding, any additional services or facilities (recommended by your Disability Adviser) will be provided for or paid for by the university.