Autism screening and referral

NAS_ResizedLogoWe offer advice and support to students who do not presently have a formal diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition, but who identify as having autistic traits, and who may be considering seeking a diagnosis.

This typically includes:

  • A confidential discussion with one of our Disability Advisers or Mental Health Advisers about why you think you may be on the autism spectrum
  • Advice and support in considering the potential benefits of pursuing a formal diagnosis. This includes an exploration of support that is available to you already, without a formal diagnosis of autism.
  • If you wish to pursue a formal diagnosis, we can provide a screening and onward referral service. This usually includes a more detailed discussion of your strengths and weaknesses, and educational and family history with an Adviser. It may also include use of screening tools such as the AQ (Autism Quotient) questionnaire. The Adviser will then write up their findings and recommendation in a referral letter which can be presented to your GP, in order to request onward referral for a diagnostic assessment.

There is no ‘typical’ student with undiagnosed autism. We receive queries from students of all genders, UK and international students, young and mature students, students with other diagnosed conditions (such as anxiety, dyslexia, ADHD or OCD) and students with no previous disability diagnosis. Some students make queries following the diagnosis of a family member such as a sibling or child. Some students make queries on the suggestion of someone else who knows them, such as a friend, partner or lecturer.

To make a query regarding autism screening and diagnostic assessment referral, please contact the Disability Team.