International Students

The Counselling Team provides counselling and psychotherapy free of charge to all students at the university, this includes International Students. In the United Kingdom medical and counselling support is confidential, this means that your sponsor, academics, or family will not be told that you have contacted our service or given any details of your difficulties (except under specific circumstances; please see confidentiality).

University can be an exciting time, especially when you have the opportunity to live and study abroad. For some people the experience can also be very challenging. Many International Students describe experiencing a short period of ‘culture shock’ before acclimatising to changes in weather, food and way of life. For others this transition process is more difficult, some International Students find themselves feeling isolated, stressed and missing the support from family and friends at home.

The Counselling Team is staffed by professional members of staff who are trained to listen and support individuals in emotional or psychological distress. We will work with you as you try to resolve your difficulties. Please complete a first appointment form to organise a meeting with a member of the team.

Other sources of information and help.

Steps for Stress (Available in English, Cantonese, Polish, Urdu)

Chinese Mental Health Association

Mind - resources in other languages

Registering with Medical Services (G.P.)

Nightline - a confidential telephone listening and information service for students at Glasgow Caledonian University and Strathclyde Universities.