Help and Guidance

Registration can be quite a tricky process, especially for students who have not registered with GCU before. To help make this as easy as possible we have a number of instructional videos to help guide students through each stage of registration. We also have other helpful advice as well as our FAQ section for students to refer to for help with common registration issues.

We have a dedicated registration team you can contact if the online guidance and help does not resolve your issue. Between the 9th and 19th of September 2019 you can come and speak to the team during the on campus registration period. During this period the team are based in the Centre for Executive Education (CEE). 

Registration Instructional Videos

The videos below will help guide you through each step of registration.  If you have any issues during registration, have a look at the Registration FAQ page for further help. 

Logging into Registration

Personal Details

Emergency Contact 

Details of Last Institution

Providing Other Details

Uploading Photo

Fee Payment - further information under Registration FAQs

Terms and Conditions

Confirming your Registration

Help with Fees


During registration you will be asked to complete a fees section so that we know who will be paying for your course.  Guidance is available both at the top of the registration screen and in our registration FAQs.

You will always see the full fee for the course.  This can sometimes cause confusion, for example if you have already paid for your course but need to re-register for the next academic session.  We advise all students to continue with their registration confirming the full amount.  Our finance department review records after registration to make any required changes if payments have already been made or scholarships awarded. 

If you have any issues or questions in relation to your fees, please contact the Finance office.   


There are many different funding options available for students who are studying with GCU. If you need any help or guidance on applying and securing your funding, our Funding team will be able to offer you this support. They can also give you advice on other areas and help you manage your money during your studies.    


IT and Log In Issues

If you experience technical issues during registration that cannot be resolved by using the registration FAQs, you should contact us to investigate. Ensure that you provide a full explanation of your problem and your student ID so that we can access your record.  It may take us a few days to get back to you during our busier periods.

If you have already registered and are having issues, have a look at our IT help pages. Here you will find lots of useful information on a number of areas such as GCULearn, where our IT team can offer you help and support.