Write your answers

Tip - keep the question in front of you as you write, to remind you of the topic. Focus on making the answer relevant.

Don't write all you know on the topic! Try to develop a clear argument by telling a story with a beginning (introduction) middle and end (conclusion).

If you get stuck in a question or you forget something don't panic:

  • jot down any relevant points and think about who? what? why? where? when? how?
  • have a look at the commonly used task words for help with understanding the question
  • relax, take a deep breath, if necessary leave some space and continue onto the next part or move onto the next question.

Be careful not to run over your planned time even on your favourite question. It is easier to add marks to weak questions than try to make good answers even better.

If you are running out of time write a skeleton answer – just list the main points. You will get more marks for covering the whole question (even in note form) than, for example, spending the remaining minutes writing a good introduction.

Check your answers

Finally, try to leave enough time to go back over your answers filling in any gaps. If you remember something later just add it to the bottom of your answer and show where you want to put it in.