Take into the exam

PLEASE NOTE: You are not allowed to read the examination paper, write anything on it or in your exam booklet before the examination session has officially started.

You can take only items allowed for that exam. These can include books, instruments including electronic calculators, notes or other materials or aids. You must leave any unauthorised items with the invigilator.

  • If electronic calculators have been allowed, the module leader or appropriate specialist may do a random check of them.
  • The use of multimedia equipment is not allowed in the exam room.
  • The use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed in the exam room.
  • Electronic media devices, including smart watches and mobile phones must be switched off and stored away from your desk. Any such devices found to be in use during the course of an examination will be immediately confiscated and may be retained by the University at its absolute discretion for the purpose of investigation.
  • And don't forget to bring your Student ID card.

Can I take food or drinks into the exam?

Not if the Senior Invigilator thinks that eating or drinking might disturb other candidates. A packet of mints will probably be allowed. Avoid fizzy drinks which might spill over your paper.

Where can I find out more?

In the University Regulations for the conduct of examinations, part of the University Assessment Regulations.