What if I missed an exam or something affected my performance?

You must tell the assessment board about your mitigating circumstances by using the Mitigating Circumstances procedure‌. If you do not tell them how these have affected your studies, you may even have to withdraw from your course.

If you do not tell the assessment board before its meeting and are then disappointed with your results, it can be very difficult to tell the board afterwards. You will have to submit an explanation of why you did not tell them before the assessment board met, using a Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances Form. This might delay your graduation or the next stage of your course.

Can I leave an exam early?

Normally you will not be allowed to leave during the first third of an exam (for example, the first hour of a three hour exam) except for personal reasons. You're not normally allowed to leave during the last 15 minutes either.

What counts as cheating?

Cheating includes:

  • communicating with or copying from any other student during an examination except when the examination regulations allow this, for example group assessments.
  • communicating during an examination with anyone other than an authorised member of staff or invigilator.
  • bringing any written or printed materials into the examination room unless these are allowed by the assessment board or programme regulations.
  • bringing any electronically-stored information into the examination room unless allowed by the assessment board or programme regulations.
  • gaining access to any unauthorised material relating to an examination during or before that examination
  • getting a copy of an ‘unseen’ written examination paper before it is released.
  • in any other way providing, or helping to provide, false evidence in examinations (for example, using falsified research results).
  • personating.

What happens to someone caught cheating in an exam?

Where someone is suspected of cheating in an exam:

  • the senior invigilator reports the details of the incident to the Examinations Office
  • an investigation is carried out
  • if necessary the details are considered by the Senate Disciplinary Committee.

The assessment board will not agree a final mark while the investigation is going on.

If the Senate Disciplinary Committee decide you have not cheated, the assessment board will agree a final mark.

If they think you have cheated, the Senate Disciplinary Committee will consider what action to take. See the Code of Student Conduct for more information.