In the exam

Remember, successful students:

  • allocate time effectively
  • plan time for each question

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot read the examination paper, write anything on it or in your exam booklet before the examination session has officially started

Once the examination session has officially started

Read the exam paper

  • Read the instructions on the front of the paper – check the number of questions and sections, and how many marks each is given.
  • Read carefully through the whole paper. Look for the questions that suit you best and decide the order in which you will answer them.
  • Tip – if you have some information you think you might forget, write it down on the back page of the answer book or exam paper – not on a separate sheet in case someone accuses you of bringing it into the exam.

Plan your time

  • Plan how long to spend on each question. Give equal time to questions that carry equal marks.