Exam timetables

2019 Exam Periods

Exams take place in the University three times a year. Here are the exam periods for 2019:


Start Date

Finish Date

Trimester A*:

07 January 2019

25 January 2019

Trimester B

29 April 2019

15 May 2019

Trimester C and re-assessments 

12 August 2019

23 August 2019


Trimester A Exam Dates

Dates, times and locations of exams taking place in January 2019, Trimester A Exam Period, are available to download here: January 2019 Examination Timetable

*New* Additional Trimester A Exam Dates

After reviewing the feedback received and in consultation with the Students' Association, you have the choice to sit your exam either; as scheduled in the week beginning Monday 7 January, or as scheduled in the revised timetable below; week beginning Monday 21 January. This new arrangement provides you with the flexibility many students have requested.

Exams scheduled for the week beginning Monday 14 January, will continue as originally planned.

The following additional January 2019 exam dates, times and locations have been added: January 2019 Additional Examination Dates - re-scheduled modules only


How do I select which exam sitting to take?

You do not need to tell us the week in which they have elected to sit their exam. You will only be allowed to sit each exam once.

Different exam papers will be used in each sitting.

Any student who has special arrangements confirmed for their exams will be catered for during all sittings.

Submitting coursework

All coursework with a deadline of week commencing Monday 7 January, has been extended and can now be submitted anytime up to 4pm on Friday 11 January.

Access to study materials

The 24-hour opening of the Library will also be extended to include the week of Monday 21 January, to accommodate additional study time for students sitting exams that week.

When will I get my results?

Our intention is to adhere to our policy of issuing marks and feedback within three weeks, however as there are two sets of exams to mark (internally and externally), there may be some delays to this timescale.  We will keep students informed via email should any delays occur.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

We recognise the inconvenience the delay to the completion of the GCULearn upgrade and subsequent changes to the exam schedule has caused. The University is reviewing the circumstances which have led us to this to ensure appropriate steps are taken so that this does not happen in the future.

Further questions

In addition to the information above; students have asked the following questions and we’ve been able to provide answers to these as follows:

View full list of 2019 January Diet Exam FAQs here

Can’t find your exam times?

Examination timetables which include the dates, times and rooms for your exams, are put on this site approximately four weeks before the start of each set of exams. Examination Timetable for January sittings are available in November; for April/May sittings by March; and August sittings by the end of June.

Timetables are also available on a notice board outside the Examinations Office on the 1st floor of the Saltire Centre.