When to start

Top tip - try to start revising as early as possible

From the first week of the semester:

  • attend all lectures & seminars
  • organise your notes into topics
  • learn how to take effective notes

Tip - the tutors teaching you are setting the exam so it will be shaped by their lectures/seminars/labs. Listen carefully and note the topics, points, theories, arguments emphasised.

Read your lecture notes through each week and fill in any missing information (ask fellow students or the tutor if you have missed any important points). There is a guide to Note-taking on the Improve your Coursework website.

Do any necessary reading. This does not mean working through the entire reading list. Read selectively to help you cover all important topics and better understand complex areas. Add essential information to your notes.

Aim to read quickly and effectively, making the best use of your time. There is a guide to Effective reading on the Improve your Coursework website.

All this early work will make your revision so much easier! It will be the basis for the first stage; organising the information you are going to learn by topic.