Resits Abroad

You must attend the University for your examinations in January and April/May, and the resit diet in August.  Where it is a requirement of the course of study to be elsewhere during an assessment period, for example work placements, your department will make the appropriate arrangements for examinations.

Am I eligible to take my examination resit abroad?

You may take your examination resit abroad, provided

  • your permanent residence is over 500 miles from your main campus of study (this does not include students who are overseas on holiday or non-placement summer employment during the resit diet)
  • you are unable to travel to your main campus of study for medical reasons.

Where can I sit my exam?

You are responsible for locating an appropriate establishment.  Students must first look to take their exams at a British Council Office. If there is no British Council Office in your home country or the British Council are unable to host the exam you should look for an alternative venue which must be an Institute of Higher Education. No other type of establishment will be considered appropriate.  The University retains the right to veto your choice.

Is there a charge?

The University applies a fee of £100 for each examination taken at a host institution, payable at the time of application.

You are also liable for any administrative fees charged by the host institution.

When will I sit my exam?

The Examinations Office will contact you with confirmation of your exam date, time and venue.  You will sit your examination on the same date and at the same time as it would be sat in Glasgow - for example students would take an exam running from 09:30 - 11:30 in Glasgow at 11:30 - 13:30 in Greece.

When is the deadline for applications?

The closing date for applications for Academic Session 2018/19 is Friday 14 June 2019.  Late applications will not be accepted.  Application forms are also available from the Examinations Office in June each year. 

How do I find out more and/or make an application?

To apply for this service contact the Examinations Office for further information. To contact the Exams Office please email