When is the re-sit? Will I be allowed to re-sit?

  • Levels 1, 2, 3 and masters – if you fail a module at the first try you will normally be allowed to re-sit in August.
  • Level 4 (Honours level) - you may be allowed one resit. The resit will normally be in August.

When you fail an exam in August the next re-sit will usually be in the trimester when the module normally runs, that is either in the January or April/May exam diet.

Maximum number of attempts at a module

  • Undergraduate levels 1, 2 and 3 - up to and including three attempts.
  • Level 4 and masters - up to and including two attempts.

 What happens if I fail just one module?

In each level of study your overall performance may allow the Assessment Board to compensate for failure in up to 20 credit points of module(s) at that level. Compensation may only be awarded following delivery and assessment of all of the modules which contribute to the eligibility for an award at any given programme level and where no more than 20 credits have been failed at that level. Compensation will not be applied in respect of a final level undergraduate or postgraduate project or dissertation. Some Programme Assessment Regulations may be approved with the regulation that compensation may not be exercised in respect of specified modules. For more information regarding compensation please see the sections regarding compensation in the University Assessment Regulations.

How many modules can I carry forward?

Normally if you fail one module you will be allowed to carry it to the next level. You will have to attend some classes for it. The assessment board may let you carry up to 40 credit points.

How many and which modules you can carry also depends on your course regulations and the Qualifications Framework 6.2. For example, you may not be able to carry a ‘pre-requisite’ module, that is one that has to be passed before you can take one that follows on from it

Where can I find out about graduation?

From the Graduation website.

Is it possible to have an examination resit abroad?

Yes, in some cases examination resits can be taken abroad.