What happens next?

What will happen to my form?

A School Mitigating Circumstances Board will normally make a decision whether or not to accept your MCF/RMCF.  You will be notifed of the decision of the Mitigating Circumstances Board via a feedback form. Decisions will not be applied until the formal Assessment Board meets and will therefore not be shown on provisional results. For example, where you have submitted an MCF for Trimester A and you have received your provisional results by e-mail, the result will not reflect any mitigating circumstances that have been accepted.

What happens if my MCF/RMCF is accepted?

If your MCF/RMCF is accepted, the Assessment Board for your programme can take the circumstances into consideration when making their decision regarding your progression or award (this will usually happen in June or September).  Note, even if you have passed an assessment, if you have had a MC or a RMC application accepted, the Assessment Board will take the impact of this into account when considering your results.

There are a number of possible outcomes and these are detailed in the Regulations for the Consideration of Mitigating Circumstances.