Frequently asked questions


Q. Can I get some help with revision? 
Q. How do I know what to revise? 
Q. I've read all my notes but cant remember things. What can I do? 
Q. Where can I find past papers? 

The Exam

Q. How do I find out when and where my exams will take place?
Q. What can I take in?
Q. Can I take a drink or something to eat?
Q. I have a disability. Can I get extra help? 
Q. What if I miss an exam or don't perform well?
Q. What if I am late?
Q. Can I leave early?
Q. What counts as cheating?
Q. What if I'm accused of cheating?

Exam results

Q. How do I get my results?
Q. What if I can't find my results?
Q. When do I get my results?
Q. What if I didn't get the results I was expecting?


Q. When is the resit; will I be allowed to resit?
Q. How many times can I resit?
Q. Can I be compensated if I only fail one module?
Q. How many modules can I carry forward?

Mitigating Circumstances - circumstances beyond your control affecting exam performance

Q. What are Mitigating Circumstances?
Q. What is a Mitigating Circumstances Form (MCF)?
Q. Where do I get one?
Q. How do I fill one in?
Q. What sort of information should I include?
Q. What evidence do I need to attach to my form?
Q. Who can help me fill it in?
Q. What can happen if I submit a MCF?
Q. How long do I have to wait to find out if the board have considered my mitigating circumstances?
Q. Can I continue my studies while I wait for my results?
Q. What happens if I am turned down or unhappy with the result?


Q. What is an Appeal?
Q. On what grounds can I appeal against an Assessment Board’s decision?
Q. How long do I have to submit the Appeal?
Q. What happens if my Appeal is outwith the seven days deadline?
Q. If I have already submitted a Mitigating Circumstances Form, (MCF) can I include the same information again?
Q. What if I did not submit a MCF, can I still appeal?
Q. How do I appeal?
Q. What should I say in my Appeal?
Q. Who can help me prepare my Appeal?
Q. Who considers the different types of Appeal?
Q. How long do I have to wait to hear the result of my Appeal and can I continue to attend my course?
Q. What are the possible outcomes of my Appeal?
Q. How should I outline my Appeal?


Q. How do I find out about graduation?