What is an appeal?

An appeal is a formal procedure by which a registered student can appeal, on the grounds of procedural or other irregularity, against a University Assessment Board decision which result in their studies being terminated or their normal progression being delayed or which relate to the classification of their awards. In order to submit your appeal you must complete the University’s Academic Appeal Form.

On what grounds can I appeal against an Assessment Board’s decision?

Appeals can be made on the grounds of material administrative error, regulatory irregularity or other material irregularity, for example that the assessments were not conducted in accordance with current regulations for the programme. You must provide documentary evidence in support of your appeal.

Academic Appeals cannot be made on the grounds of personal or medical factors. In such cases, students should submit a Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances Form (refer to Appendix 6 of the University Assessment Regulations).

How long do I have to submit the appeal?

You have ten working days (two calendar weeks) from the publication date of the Assessment Board’s decision. Appeals will not normally be considered if received outwith this period, unless you can provide valid reasons for the delay. No appeal received after six months from the date of the Board’s decision will be considered.

How do I appeal?

The appeal must be made on the University’s Academic Appeal Form available from: