Academic Dress FAQs

Do I need a gown and hood?

Yes. You must wear the University gown and hood at the ceremony.

Do I need a hat or mortar board?

No.  Hats or mortar boards are not part of the academic dress at GCU and must not be worn.

How do I get a gown and hood?

You can hire gowns and hoods from Ede & Ravenscroft. This must be done at least 21 days before the ceremony.

GCU is not responsible for providing or returning them.

Where and when do I collect my gown and hood?

From Room W010B in the Hamish Wood building (building 1 on the campus map) on the day of your ceremony.

Full details of how to do this will be be in your invitation.

Where and when do I return the gown and hood?

You should return them to the same room immediately after the ceremony unless you have made other arrangements with the gown hire company. Please see Ede and Ravenscroft’s website for details.

Is there a dress code for Graduation?

Graduation is a formal event and as such it is expected that Graduands should dress appropriately. 

Men should wear suits, shirt & tie or national dress. 

Ladies should consider appropriate footwear, taking into account that they will have to negotiate steps on and off the graduation platform. 

Jeans and/or T-shirts are not permitted.

You may wish to look at the photo gallery on the graduation website home page which shows the variety of University colours for each of the academic awards, (BA, BSc etc). You will see from the photographs, that most students wear black and white on the day in order to prevent colour clash.