GCU hosts European Project Semester

16 May 2019
The project invites students from 11 different European countries

GCU welcomed European students last month to take part in a programme designed to encourage engineering students to expand their global horizons.

The European Project Seminar is a 15 week programme and comprises of students from 19 different universities around Europe. The students are split into teams and are assigned real-life projects proposed by national and international companies.

Once assigned a project, students have to work together in their teams to develop an idea and then present their findings at the end of the programme to a panel of examiners. Students are supervised throughout the project and are assessed on their team and project management skills.

Andrew Quinn, International Lead in the Department of Engineering and facilitator of the EPS at GCU, explained why students should take part in the project. He said; “The EPS programme is a unique collaborative programme from 19 universities in 11 European countries; all aimed at broadening the student learning experience, internationalisation and preparing them for future employment.

It focuses on team building with all the associated skills for the students to complete an industrial project working in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.

It is challenging and the students who took part this year all successfully completed their studies and produced some excellent work for our industrial partners”

To find out more about the European Project Semester programme, see here


By Rachael McAlonan

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