Fashion Detox Challenge hailed a huge success by participants

13 May 2019
Emma Kidd (third from the left) with some of the Fashion Detox Challenge Participants

An initiative lead by a GCU student designed to promote sustainable fashion and reduce clothing waste has been hailed a huge success by those who took part.

The Fashion Detox Challenge was created by PhD researcher Emma Kidd and invites consumers to not buy any clothing for 10 weeks. The challenge encouraged participants to assess their buying behaviours and as a result many now feel compelled to reduce the amount of clothing that they purchase. Participants were also encouraged to chart their progress in an online diary forum.

One of the participants Erin-Louise said: “I was so bad for buying clothes but from doing this I’m now just like get a grip of yourself, you really don’t need new clothes. No one cares if you’ve posted that outfit twice on your Instagram.”

The most prominent take home from the challenge has been participants’ realisation of the pervasive and powerful hooks of digital advertising and marketing.

GCU student Maggie Huminiecka said: “In one year I can gather four to five thousand emails from shops and retailers. It’s so easy to see an advert or open an email; the temptation is actually overwhelming.”

A surprising outcome of the challenge was participants’ growing awareness of sustainability as a multifaceted issue. Emma added: “There were quite a few participants who started to either gain interest or explore sustainability more broadly and other movements that are happening.”

Due to its success, the Fashion Detox Challenge will be returning. If you are interested in taking part, keep up-to-date with the Fashion Detox Challenge here.

By Jayne Brown
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