Residential Assistant

‌We are seeking current university students to act as Caledonian Court Residential Assistants.

The role of the Resident Assistant is to act as 1st point of contact for Caledonian Court residents during times the Caledonian Court Office is closed. Students often have concerns over aspects of their student life and the Assistants can help them address these concerns by being a good listener and providing advice on who is the best person is to resolve any issues. Residential Assistants are expected to be active in enhancing the resident’s accommodation experience by organising and promoting events and activities as well as being involved in wellbeing initiatives. Further support and training will be given. 

Resident Assistants are not there to replace the Campus Security nor Caledonian Court Accommodation office staff however there be certain issues or times of the day when it will be appropriate for Caledonian Court students to speak with a Residential Assistant.

Residential Assistant will be “onā€call” one session per week (including weekends) between the hours of 17.00 and 08.00. During this period the Assistant must not leave the site and must be available to other students. Residential Assistants must be paying residents at Caledonian Court however there will be a monthly stipend of £250 payable by the University. 

Please complete the Residential Assistant - Application Form  and return it to
If you wish to know more about this role, please download the additional information document or contact the Caledonian Court Accommodation Office staff at 

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