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Timetabling and Student Systems is responsible for the management and allocation of all University general teaching accommodation, as well as the development and operation of the timetabling and room booking service for users of the University's general-purpose accommodation.

Timetabling Software

CELCAT timetabling software is used by the University to create timetables and record room allocations.

Additionally, the software is used for internal and external room booking of space for a wide variety of meetings and events throughout the year.

Timetables on the web can be viewed on the Teaching Timetables Page.

Teaching Space Allocation

  • Lecture Theatres - Centralised
  • Classrooms - Decentralised
  • Computer Labs - Decentralised
  • Specialised Labs - School/Department control

General purpose teaching accommodation is deemed to be leased to departments during Semester teaching time only.  Vacation/weekend bookings and evening class bookings are centrally booked.

Timetabling - Room Bookings and Internal Lets

In addition to timetabled bookings for general teaching requirements, there is a room booking system for internal requests for space for meetings, seminars, class tests, presentations, interviews etc. Such requests from within the University are continuous throughout the year and average 200 per week.

Internal activities scheduled outside the University’s opening hours and /or activities which require additional services such as security, cleaning, room set-ups and maintenance attract a fee to cover the costs.