Change Address and Contact Details

If you need to make changes to your address, telephone number or email you can do this through the student portal.   

Address changes will be reviewed and approved before it goes on your record. When the change has been approved, you will receive an email to confirm it has been updated.

I want view my address details
  • Log into the student portal.
  • Click on my address details. For each address there will be a separate tab. 
  • You can see the type of address under 'Address Types'.
    • Permanent – your home address
    • Term – where you are living during the academic year
    • Next of Kin – the name of the person you want us to contact in case of an emergency while you’re studying 
      I want to change my address/add an address

      Add address: 

      • Click on my address details
      • Click 'add' button above address tabs
      • Enter details and select the relevant address type
      • Click save

      Edit address:

      • Click on the relevant tab for the address type you want to change
      • Click edit and update details
      • If you are changing address type, check the new address type box 
      • Click save 
      I want to change my mobile number
      • Click link to change mobile number in the My Details page. 
      • Enter your new number – check it carefully
      • Click Update. 

      You’ll get a pop up confirming your request has been submitted but it will be updated 

      I want to change my personal email address
      • Click link to change personal email address in the My Details page.   
      • Update external email address. Check it is correct. 
      • Click Update

      You’ll get a pop up confirming your request has been submitted but it will be updated immediately.  

      I want to change my Next of Kin (Emergency Contact) details
      • Follow the link to update emergency contact name and make required change. 

      We also hold the relationship of your next of kin to you e.g. parent, spouse, partner, friend. If you need to change that, email Student Records. Include your student ID in the email so that we can access your record to update.