All students at GCU are issued with a Student ID Card.  This card has various uses, including:

  • Identifying yourself as a Student at GCU
  • Your Library Card
  • Recording your Attendance at Classes
  • Recording your engagement at some services
  • Entrance to certain secure areas of the campus
How do I get my Student ID card?

Once you have registered online and uploaded or sent us a photograph, you can collect your Student ID card from the Campus Life Desk on the first floor of the George Moore building. 

For some courses that are part time or based off campus, we post Student ID cards. Your joining instruction letter will confirm if we do this for your course. If you do not receive your card within 2 weeks of registering and uploading/sending a photograph, email Registration.  Please make sure you include your student ID number. 

Lost Student ID Cards

First ask at the Campus Life Desk (1st floor George Moore building) if your card has been handed in. Alternatively, you can email

The fee for a replacement card is £15. Pay online through the University’s online store. You will find replacement cards under Student Essentials. You’ll need your student ID number or your username. Contact the Campus Life Desk (1st floor George Moore building) or email us at if you don’t know your student ID number or username. Remember, your username is the first part of your GCU email address.

After you pay online, you can collect your card from the Campus Life Desk(1st floor George Moore building). If you are a GCU London student you can collect from our London campus. You must show your receipt when collecting your card, either in paper format or email. If you can’t come on campus to collect your card, you can ask us to post it to you when you are paying.

If you find your original card after we have issued a new one, you will not be able to use it in the university or the university library nor can we refund the £15 replacement card fee.

Stolen Student ID Cards

If your card has been stolen, bring the crime reference number issued by the police to the Campus Life Desk (1st floor George Moore building). We will issue a new card free of charge.
You will still have to pay the lost card fee if you only have a pink Loss Report slip from the Police.