Whilst you might be looking forward to graduation and excited for the future, it is common to sometimes feel a little anxious about getting a job and what you are going to do after university. If you are currently receiving help from either our Mental Health Adviser or the Counselling team, now could be a good time to discuss any worries that you might have so you will have a plan in place for when you leave university.

What happens if I feel anxious after I’ve graduated and I would like to talk to someone?

If you are ever worried about the way you are feeling or if you are having troublesome thoughts, making an appointment with your GP is the best way to receive help. Your GP will listen to you and give you non-judgemental advice and support to help you feel better. They can give you advice on possible support services you can access such as seeing a counsellor or a psychologist. They are the ones who will also be able to make a referral for you to see a specialist if it is appropriate.

How do I ask my GP for advice on my mental health?

Some people find it helpful to prepare for their GP appointment in advance by writing down everything they would like to discuss. This can be a summary of how you have been feeling lately and the areas which are causing you concern. Some people also like to go into their appointment with a list of questions they would to ask the GP. You can find information online on how to prepare for a G.P appointment

Mind.Org have a great guide which helps people ‘find the words’ to talk to their GP about their mental health and what to expect at their first appointment. They have provided a video on how to speak to your GP about your mental health. They also have an in-depth guide on helping people to prepare for their first appointment

What will I do if I need urgent help?

If you feel that you are at crisis point and you are worried, or are having thoughts about harming yourself or others then please call your GP as soon as possible. If your GP surgery is closed then call NHS 24 on 111.

You can also contact:

The Samaritans on: 08457 90 90 90

Breathing Space on: 0800 83 85 87

HOPELineUK on:  0800 068 41 41 or text 07786209697 or email: pat@papyrus-uk.org