Use your heart #StepUp   

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#StepUp is a university wide participatory campaign raising awareness of the benefits of taking the stairs in the campus, allowing people with mobility needs to catch the lift and get where they need to go.

Focus on wellbeing  

A positive mental wellbeing means feeling good – comfortable, healthy and happy - about yourself and the world around you. Being considerate of others and their individual needs can provide you with a sense of purpose, making you feel happier as well as more satisfied about life!

Get active with your heart

Achieve health goals by raising your heart rate, burning calories, and releasing endorphins. An easy and active habit!

Save time

Get to places faster whilst spending less time at the gym-  at no cost!



 1) You need a pedometer.

Many smart phones have them built in. If not you can download pedometer, we recommend: . Its free and available for iPhone and Android

Remember that stair climbing is better exercise than running or walking because you are putting your body against gravity!

2) Decide which height you wish to reach and how long you give yourself get there.


While you are on campus?

per hour?

-   Jebel Akhdar, Oman ( over 19,913 steps)

-   Saka Haphong, Bangladesh (over 7080 steps)

-   Ben Nevis, Scotland (over 8963 steps)

-   Scafell Pike, England (over 6618 steps)

-   Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, Mauritius (over 5515 steps)

-   Empire State Building, New York (over 2954 steps)

-  The Shard, London (over 2,000 steps)

-  Glasgow Tower, Glasgow (over 847 steps)

- The Finnieston Crane, Glasgow (over 353 steps)


3) Pledge! and receive a badge to wear proudly around campus.

4) Try out our Accessible Wellbeing Walk 

5) Let us know how you are doing and what you achieve. You can use this form to keep count!

6) Suggest new ways to #StepUp. Hashtag #StepUp in your social media and photos. 

6) Get going!


Other ways you can #stepup to be part of the positive movement at GCU

-  Hold a door for someone

-  Push your chair under the desk or table

-  Text someone who you have not heard from in a while

-   Let everyone have a turn speaking in a conversation

-  Put your phone away and give the people you are with your full attention

-  Pick up/move anything obstructing a passageway

-  Avoid congesting corridors

-  Say hello and smile to someone passing in a corridor

-  Show your appreciation and recognition to someone publically

-  Help someone else to take action and reach their goals!


Let us know how you plan to #StepUp

 Pledge #stepup to become part of the positive movement at GCU