When linking to other parts within a document or to external websites, the names of hyperlinks should be considered. Some assistive software, such as JAWS, can navigate a document by cycling through the hyperlinks within it. For example if a student is told that there is a link to a website available in the module handbook. If the text used in the hyperlink reads “click here” then this does not mean anything when read on its own. By saying something like “click here to access the exam timetable” there is clear meaning for students.

How to insert a hyperlink

To insert a hyperlink, type a meaningful piece of text such as “click here to access the exam timetable”. Then, highlight this text and right click. From the list of options, choose “hyperlink”. You will then be presented with a dialogue box that will allow you to select where you would like to navigate to. The options include an external website, an email address, another document or to another section within the current document.