Autism Accreditation Scheme

Let’s make GCU the first autism friendly university!

GCU is working with the National Autistic Society, piloting an Autism Accreditation scheme for universities. The internationally recognised Accreditation Scheme has been awarded to hundreds of services in the UK. We are aiming to become the first university in the UK, and worldwide, to be ‘autism friendly’ under this scheme.


Why does this matter?

Around 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum. Some have a formal diagnosis, others don’t. This means that we all know someone with autism. This could be a family member, a partner, a friend, a colleague, or yourself.

Autistic people can face real challenges in a university environment where there is constant change, a need to multi-task, self-organise and prioritise tasks, where there are lots of different people to deal with, and lots of noise and bustle.

Greater staff awareness, considering the needs of autistic people when we design our services, courses and spaces, and some extra support when needed, can make all the difference.



What does this mean for me?

We are asking you to consider what steps you could take to help GCU become more autism friendly.

Here’s a few suggestions:


1. Learn more about autism and how it affects people

National Autistic Society

GCU guidance and training opportunities


2. Ask/find out how your team or department supports the needs of autistic people

If your team would like some support to consider this, or to review current practice, contact the Disability Team for a chat. We’d be happy to help.


3. Share your experience

Know about any initiatives or good news stories we can share, to inspire others and create greater awareness about autism?

Tweet about it! Using hashtag #GCUAutismFriendly


The Disability Team would love to hear your views on how we can make GCU more autism friendly - especially if you consider yourself to be on the autism spectrum.

For more information, or to offer your views, contact the Disability Team