Learning Development Centres

Within each of the three Academic Schools at GCU you will find a Learning Development Centre, staffed by Academic Development Tutors who provide one to one and group study support. The range of activities and provisions made by each of the Centres will vary slightly, as the support is tailored to reflect the nature and demands of the academic programmes run within each School.

The Disability Team has arrangements in place with the Learning Development Centres to support referral of students for whom support from the Centre is considered particularly important to their academic success due to the impact of disability or a specific learning difficulty. In such cases, the student may be asked to provide their consent for the Disability Team to share information with the Learning Development Centre regarding the nature and impact of their difficulties.

Each Learning Development Centre has a Tutor who acts as Disability Liaison, receiving all initial formal referrals for their School from the Disability Team. Each Centre is staffed with Tutors who bring a wealth of experience in providing academic development support to university students and in assisting a diverse range of learners, including students with dyslexia.