Enhanced Acoustics & Induction Loops

All of the main lecture theatres on campus are fitted with a fixed Induction Loop system, which can be used by any student with a hearing aid which is fitted with a ‘T’ switch.

GCU provides a Phonak radio system to offer enhanced acoustics and an alternative to a portable induction loop system for deaf or hard of hearing students. To use the Phonak radio system you will need a discrete receiver, which you wear around your neck, but which can be concealed beneath clothing. When you enter a room in which the Phonak system has been installed, your receiver will automatically re-tune to the radio frequency used in that room, allowing you to instantly receive an enhanced acoustic experience.

This system can be used by deaf or hearing impaired students (whether or not you currently use a hearing aid), and may also offer some benefit to students whose hearing is not impaired but who find they are easily distracted by background noise and other distractions in class.

You can check which classrooms currently have a Phonak radio system installed. If you would like to find out more, or would like to try it out for yourself, you can borrow a receiver from the Disability Team.