• Texthelp Read and Write Gold - This operates as a toolbar that can assist students of all levels with their reading, writing and research skills. The software allows students to develop their literacy skills and enjoy greater independence. Useful features include text to speech, and enhanced spell check tools.
  • Mind Genius - This is mind mapping software that can help with planning your study or organising your workload.
  • Inspiration - This is an alternative piece of mind mapping software that is basic but simple to use, and perhaps useful for very visual learners.


  • Loan pool laptops – We have a range of computer hardware including lightweight laptops and tablets, which can be loaned to students. We continue to expand this range as new technologies emerge.
  • Dictaphones – to capture audio from lectures and classes.
  • LiveScribe Pens – These digital recording pens capture audio as well as recording hand written notes. They can be useful in many learning environments including some placement settings.
  • Spellex Medical Dictionaries – These are specialised electronic dictionaries with definitions for medical terms.
  • Magnifiers – We have a range of both digital and manual magnifiers, for use with electronic text and printed text.
  • Ergonomic Aids – For comfort and support.