Assistive Technologies Reading Room

The Assistive Technologies Reading Room is located on level 3 of the Saltire Centre

This dedicated reading and learning space offers a range of hardware and software for visually impaired students, including:

  • 3 PCs running JAWS software (This is screen reading software, which enables a PC or laptop to be used without the mouse, and is used primarily by learners who have no useful vision)
  • MyReader 2 – This is a CCTV Video Magnifier, which features text capture and ‘reflow’ allowing you to alter the appearance of the text according to your preference. It is used primarily by learners who have low vision.
  • CCTV Magnifier- traditional CCTV Magnifier, allowing you to enlarge printed text. Primarily useful for reading only short extracts.
  • Braille Embosser- for the production of text in Braille, and tactile diagrams.

This room also offers two work stations for students who require an ergonomic set up, with access to assistive technologies. Each work station is fitted with:

  •  electrically driven height adjustable desk
  • ergonomic seating
  • PC with standard assistive software packages (Texthelp Read & Write Gold, MindGenius, Zoomtext) with A3 scanner and dual monitor display

Students who are new to these facilities are encouraged to contact the Disability Team to request an induction tour, and additional training where required.

Students can report any defects with equipment or software direct to the IT Helpdesk by using a telephone handset which sits on the desk on the right hand side of the room when entering.

Visually impaired students should see also the section on Digitised Textbooks, under Additional Library Services