Disability Advisers may, in some circumstances, recommend that a student receives additional services or facilities from the university Library, to address the impact of disability. This may include:

Fetch & Carry Service

Help finding and carrying your Library books is provided by Library staff to students with e.g. a visual impairment or restricted mobility.

Additional Print Credit

Students who require to print or photocopy excess levels of printed materials for their course, due to the impact of disability, may be eligible for some additional free print credit.

Digitised Textbooks

The digitisation project is run by the Disability Team in partnership with the Library, and aims to provide timely access to textbooks and journals for visually impaired students. Accessible text is text that can be read by screen reading software and is formatted in a way to make sure that as many people as possible can read it. If text is accessible, it can be read aloud using assistive software such as Texthelp Read and Write Gold and JAWS. The Library will attempt to source accessible copies of texts from publishers, where these are not already held in the university collection. Where an accessible copy cannot be sourced, one will be created. We have invested in scanning hardware to convert documents to an accessible format. Please note that under the terms of the CVIP Act and our licence arrangements, this service is restricted to visually impaired readers. 

Please Note: That students can only access these library services on the recommendation of a Disability Adviser, so please contact the Disability Team with any queries.