Service Evaluation 2014-15

In May 2015, the Disability Team invited all students at GCU who had disclosed a disabling condition or impairment to complete our annual service evaluation questionnaire.

There were 174 responses received, a marked increase on the number we received the previous year (118).

Of those:

  • 93% of you were ‘home’ students and 7% were international, EU and exchange students.
  • 40% of you were from the School of Health & Life Sciences, 33% from Glasgow School of Business & Society and 24% were from the School of Engineering and Built Environment.
  • The conditions or impairments you most commonly identified with were specific learning difficulties (36%), a long standing illness or health condition (14%) and a mental health condition (10%).
  • You were most likely (44%) to have heard about us when we contacted you directly (typically pre-entry), or from a member of staff in another department (22%).
  • 85% of you had attended a meeting with the Disability Team at some point in their studies (i.e. had accessed the service directly)


Overall satisfaction

In terms of overall satisfaction with the service provided, levels remained very high overall, with a marked increase in those of you who felt this year that using the service had positively enhanced your experience as a student at GCU:

  • 92%of you were happy with the waiting time for an appointment (down slightly from 96% last year)
  • 83% (a 3% increase) felt the service had met their expectations
  • 72% (a 9% increase) felt that the service had positively enhanced their student experience

Our service accommodation in Room M136 also continued to be really well received:

  • With 91% of you feeling it was adequately soundproofed (down slightly from 99% last year, perhaps on account of construction related noise)
  • 94% saying it was easy to find
  • 98% that it was easily accessible
  • 95% that it was a pleasant space
  • 94% that it allows for an appropriate level of discretion


How our services benefitted you

We were also really keen to learn how using the service had impacted on you.

We know that studying at university can be challenging at times, but were pleased to learn that so many of you were managing to overcome the hurdles and were on course for achieving your degrees.

  • 45% of those of you who had used the service had considered at some point giving up your studies and leaving university.
  • However, 94% (a 5% increase) had decided to stay, and 8% had decided to take some time out from their course to return at a later date.

A majority of you reported that services provided by the Disability Team had helped you succeed at University, including: “meeting with a Disability Adviser” (75% overall, and 94% of those respondents who disclosed a mental health condition), “receiving information before starting my course” (69%) and recommendations in your NAR (58%).

What was also great to learn was how accessing advice or support from the Disability Team had impacted on your skills and confidence, with:

  • 74%of you feeling more confident discussing your needs and asking for help when required
  • 63% better able to find your way around campus and locate other services
  • 66% feeling more able to manage your studies independently
  • 58% feeling more able to manage time more effectively and 57% able to prioritise your workload more effectively
  • and 58% better at note taking


Continuing Improvements

Despite the overall positive responses, we’re keen to continue to improve what we offer, so that all students at GCU are given the opportunity to succeed and get the most out of all that university has to offer. To do that, we’ll got lots of improvements planned for the coming year, including:

  • In 2015 we are moving over to a new custom built application for the management of all student data managed by the Disability Team. This will bring a number of changes, including to the way in which we communicate your needs to those who need to know. It will also enable us to report accurately on disabled student data (e.g. the numbers of students who disclose disability) and how students use our services. We will be keeping you all posted, as our new systems are implemented.
  • We are reviewing our staffing profile, with additional investment, to ensure that we continue to deliver very high quality services which can meet the needs of an increasing number of students disclosing additional needs. 
  • We’ll continue to use social media to keep you all informed on developments and other important news. To keep up to date, download the ‘GCU Positive Living’ mobile App!
  • We’ll continue to work with colleagues across the university to promote an inclusive student experience, including an accessible curriculum (which minimises the need for individual adjustments)
  • We’ll continue to deliver a range of programmes and events to help new students with the transition to university from school or college.

 If you’d like to find out more about these developments, or anything else we might be able to do for you, please just get in touch.