Accessing RAPs (Recommended Adjustments Pages)

What is a RAP?

Around two thirds of all disabled students who access services provided by the Disability Team will have a Recommended Adjustments Page (RAP). A RAP is a report which provides some information about the way in which a student's disclosed condition or impairment may impact on their studies. It also includes recommendations for reasonable adjustments to the delivery of teaching and assessments. A RAP may also provide some information about additional support or facilities which a student is using to overcome disability related barriers.

Reasonable Adjustments Page (RAP) – Information and Guidance

How do I access a student's RAP?

Watch the video on this page, for advice on how to look up RAPs for any students on your module.

Quick links:

To look up an individual student's RAP using their student ID

To look up RAPs for students using the module code