Long term mental health difficulties

Below you can find information on the support services offered by the disability team. 

Long term mental health difficulties.

Mental health difficulties are very common. One in four of us will experience some form of mental health difficulty at some point in our lifetime. For some these difficulties are short-lived, for others they are experienced on a long-term or enduring basis. Students who experience mental health difficulties might benefit from meeting with a member of the Disability Team.

The Disability Team provides advice, information and services to disabled students and applicants, including a significant number of students who experience mental health difficulties. The Disability Team may be able to offer additional support, facilities or adjustments to students whose attendance or engagement with university, is impacted by their mental health difficulties. 

Mental Health Adviser

The role of the Mental Health Adviser is to support students who may be experiencing emotional or psychological distress or personal difficulties. The Mental Health Adviser will be able to co-ordinate support for students with mental health difficulties and act as a point of contact for the duration of your studies.

The Mental Health Adviser works alongside the disability service and counselling service, but it is not their role to be a counsellor. They will be able to support and encourage you to consider your rights and think about any additional resources which may help you to access education.

Each case will be viewed independently and will vary according to the students’ needs. As well as encouraging you to think about adjustments and resources, the Mental Health Adviser will be able to support you by providing interventions, offering advice and guidance, and signposting/referring to therapeutic and medical services when appropriate.

You can make an appointment by emailing mentalhealthadviser@gcu.ac.uk with brief details of the support you require. If your query is urgent please call the Student Wellbeing Service on 0141 273 1393.

Support from Health Services

Students who are experiencing mental health difficulties may wish to speak with their GP (doctor) regarding the availability of support and treatment through the NHS. 

SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) provide some really useful factsheets on the types of support available within your local community and how you can access it. See their 'Know where to go' guide.