Provide feedback or make a complaint

Provide us with feedback

The counselling service welcomes continual feedback from students who make use of the service. We consider all feedback given and will look to address areas of concern. 

To provide feedback, please email

The team work hard to provide a high quality counselling/therapeutic service for students at GCU. We are committed to the monitoring and evaluation of both clinical work and service provision. We regularly review our work and all staff are externally supervised in accordance with the ethical framework of their respective professional bodies. In the case of Counsellors this is the BACP ethical framework and in the case of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists this is the BABCP ethical framework. We hope that the processes of monitoring and evaluation will maintain a high level of counselling/psychotherapy provision.

Some clients may however feel dissatisfied with some aspect of service provision. Please find guidelines below for raising your concern with the appropriate bodies.

Making a complaint

If you are not happy with the service you have been provided by the Counselling Team, you may wish to make a complaint.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a counsellor you will follow the BACP Professional Conduct Procedure  and information about how to complain about the professional conduct of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist is found here.