Standard Visitor visa

If you would like family members to visit you in Glasgow or London or attend your graduation ceremony, they will need to apply to come to the UK as Standard visitors. They should visit the UKVI website to find out how to apply from their country. A standard visitor visa can last a maximum of 6 months, and cannot be extended. They can apply for a visa up to 3 months before the date of travel to the UK.

Documents you should send to your family:
  • Photocopies of your passport and visa (passport ID page, visa (entry clearance) used to enter the UK, current visa (BRP) if issued/extended in the UK.
  • Confirmation of Student Status Letter - Letter from Registry confirming your student status, course of study, and expected date of Graduation (if relevant). You can request this from the online My Service post portal. Please ensure you request a Confirmation of Student Status letter with your expected date of Graduation from the Campus Life Desk or by emailing Registry:
  • Proof of address - 2 items: Copy of lease/letter confirming tenancy agreement (do not send your original lease). Original utility bill (e.g Gas, Electricity, Mobile Phone etc); Health centre card or voting card.
  • Proof of funding - Last 6 months' bank statements; Sponsorship letter if you are financially supporting your family while they stay in the UK.
Invitation letter

Typed A4 sheet of paper, letter is addressed to your family (one letter per individual family member) and written by you. This should include the following:

  • Full names of all people coming to visit
  • Their date of birth(s)
  • Their nationality
  • Their passport number(s)
  • Their relationship to you (e.g. mother, father etc.)
  • How long they will be in the UK
  • The purpose of their visit (e.g. attend your Graduation, or to visit you during your studies)
  • Where they will stay and confirmation if you are responsible for their accommodation (i.e. they are staying with you)
  • State if you are financially supporting your family during their stay in the UK.
Further Information
  • You are required to submit bank statements to show you can support your visitors during their time time here. If they are funding the trip themselves, this should be specified in the invitation letter, and they should be able to submit bank statements that support this.
  • Remember that employment of any kind is not permitted on a visitor visa, so the funding of your visitor's entire trip should be accounted for before they come to the UK.
  • You do not require an invitation letter from GCU; this should come from you. The only letter that GCU can provide is the Confirmation of Student Status.
  • The UKVI's information on the Family Visitor Visa Application states that your family members can only apply as family visitors if you are "permanently settled in the UK". This means that if you are on a Tier 4 or Short-term study visa, they should apply as standard visitors.
  • If you would like VISA to check your documents and invitation letter, come to a drop-in session or email us: or GCU London: