Tier 4 is the main route for students to come to/extend their leave in the UK, but there are many other immigration routes that people apply under. If you are considering applying to extend your leave under a different category, you must come and see Visa Immigration Support and Advice (VISA) first. We may not be trained to advise you on the application itself, but you will need our guidance on how it will affect your student status at GCU.

If you make such an application (either through a representative/solicitor, or yourself), you must keep VISA up to date. This includes:

  • Letting us know when the application is sent and bringing in your posting receipt/confirmation letter from representative
  • Bringing in any correspondence you receive as part of the application (eg. acknowledgement letters, biometric letters etc).
  • Bringing in your decision letter as soon as you receive it.
  • Bringing in your passport/BRP once your application is complete.

All these documents are required to keep your student file up to date, and GCU has a responsibility to ensure that all of its students have legal permission to be in the UK. If you do not keep us up to date with your application, you may be suspended from your studies.