Nationals of some countries (for a full list, click here) are required to register in person with the police within 7 days of arrival in the UK. It will clearly state “The holder is also required to register at once with the police” or"Register with police within seven days" on your entry clearance vignette/biometric residence permit/conditions letter whether you are required to do this, but if you are unsure, please contact us: or for GCU London: Be assured that the staff at the Police Station are very friendly and will accommodate any questions/concerns.

Police registration is only necessary if you are a national of one of the countries listed below and it is printed on your visa or letter. It is essential that you comply with this condition, as if you do not, then you are in breach of the UK's immigration laws. It is a criminal offence which make carry a fine of you may have your permission to stay shortened and you will have to leave the UK. You can also be stopped from getting on extending a UK visa in future..

Nationalities that usually need to register

Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Bolivia Brazil
China Colombia Cuba Egypt Georgia Iran Iraq Israel Jordan
Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libya Moldova Morocco North Korea Oman
Palestine Peru Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Ukraine Uzbekistan Yemen      

If a person is subject to the police registration condition, this will normally be confirmed as follows:

  • For those travelling to the UK, the police registration condition will appear on their entry clearance vignette (visa) or conditions letter accompanying the vignette
  • For those applying from within the UK, the condition will either appear as a remark on their biometric residence permit (BRP), or, since 24 April 2016, it may be confirmed solely in the Home Office decision letter.

There may also be situations where the Home Office finds that a person has mistakenly not been made the subject of a requirement to register with the police. Where this has happened the Home Office will write to the person to notify them that they are required to register. In addition, this condition may be imposed by a Border Force Officer if the omission is picked up on the individual’s arrival in the UK.
Students must check their entry clearance vignette, BRP or Home Office decision letter to confirm whether they need to register with the police. If a student has not been notified of the registration requirement in these documents, they do not need to register with the police.


Appointments for Registration

For students in Glasgow you will register with Police Scotland at 2 French Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow.

If you wish to book an appointment, you can:

  • book an appointment in person at the Police Scotland, Overseas Visitor Registration Office (OVRO) in Glasgow at: 2 French Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow G40 4EH
  • or by telephone 01786 895560 
  • email (Please include your mobile number in your email message)

You can book an appointment if you are in your home country or if you have already arrived in Glasgow. Please allow a minimum of 7 working days before re-contacting the office to request an appointment.

For students in London you will register at the Overseas Visitors Records Office:323 Bough High Street, London, SE1 1JL, T: 02072301208

Registration Process

Before your appointment, please print out and complete an application form known as an Overseas Visitors Registration Office (OVRO) Initial Registration Document from the Police Scotland website before attending the office for registration. You should also have collected your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the Post Office or your collection point.

When an appointment has been arranged for registration, you should attend the Glasgow or London OVRO in person. You should bring ALL of the following materials:

  • Overseas Visitors Registration Office (OVRO) Initial Registration Document (download this here)
  • Passport
  • UK Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card and any decision letters received from the Home Office
  • Two passport sized photos
  • £34 cash only for the registration fee – OVRO does not accept credit or debit cards/ cheques
  • Proof of student study - CAS or unconditional offer letter from the University
  • Proof of address – contract, lease agreement or if you are living in student accommodation, a letter from university or accommodation provider.

All documents must be printed out onto paper. Failure to provide all of the materials will result in the registration not taking place, and a new appointment for registration will be allocated.  At your appointment, you will receive a police registration certificate, as proof of your registration with the police.

Please note:

At peak times it may not be possible to obtain an appointment to register with the police within 7 days of your arrival in the UK. You must however, contact and confirm your appointment date and time within 7 days and keep a note of the booking in order to meet your visa condition.


It has come to our notice that some businesses located near the OVRO in London are charging students up to £5.00 to print an OCR Registration Proforma. This is an extortionate amount and unfortunately something OVRO have no control over. 
To avoid students having to pay this additional unnecessary cost, we encourage students to ensure they print their OCR Registration Proformas on campus or at home before they attend the appointment. 
To avoid further delays and inconvenience, students must ensure forms are of a good quality print and completed correctly as per our guidelines:




Need to Update a Police Registration Certificate?

If you have already registered with the police and you have a Police Registration Certificate, you can attend the Glasgow Overseas Visitor Registration Office (OVRO) any time, during opening times, or at any police station open to the public in the Glasgow area to update the information contained on your Police Registration Certificate – no appointment is necessary and it’s free of charge. You should ensure you provide the correct documents before the registration certificate can be updated.

You are required to keep the information contained on your certificate up to date under Section 26 (1)(f) of the Immigration Act 1971. If any of the following information changes, you must update the OVRO within 7 working days:

  • Address
  • Place and course of study
  • New visa
  • New passport
  • Full time employment
  • Marital Status (including marriages, divorces or civil partnerships)

Our leaflet on protecting your student status ‌ provides information on this and other advice.

Glasgow OVRO hours

Opening Times are:


09:00 - 12:30: appointments only

13:30 - 15:30: updating certificates for general enquiries

OVRO is now closed to the public on Fridays.

London OVRO hours

Opening times are:


09:00 - 16:00

OVRO is now closed to the public on Thursdays.


PLEASE NOTE: The service is closed 21/12/18 -07/01/19

Need a New Police Registration Certificate?

If you do not have a Police Registration Certificate,  or you have lost it, you must arrange an appointment to get one.


Got a new Visa in the UK?

Foreign nationals who were not required to register on their first UK Entry Clearance visa, may need to register, on receipt of their visa extension (UK Residence Permit Card). Please check the reverse of the UK Residence Permit Card, to find out if this applies to you.  The wording ‘REPORT OR REGISTER WITH POLICE’ will be stated on the reverse side of the card. Foreign nationals should book an appointment for police registration with the Overseas Visitor Registration Office (OVRO).

The information also applies to dependants who are required to register with the Police.

Further information on UKVI:

Our handy postcard with advice about your Police Registration Certificate can be obtained from the VISA Team of the Campus Life Desk. You can also download it here How do I register with the police?