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Police Registration office in Glasgow

For students in Glasgow the Nationality Office (who deal with police registration) are located at 2 French Street, Dalmarnock. For GCU London students and further information on what you need to do to register or update your certificate during this time, please see our page on police registration. You can update your certificate at any police station.

Tuberculosis Testing - New countries

A number of countries have been added to the list of those requiring a TB test. If you are applying to come to the UK for 6 months or more and you are making your application from any of the following countries, you must now submit a TB testing certificate with your Tier 4 application.

For more information on where to get tested for TB, and the overall application process from your country, see the UKVI's country finder.

Online applications for Tier 4

Please note that you must submit your application through VISA if in the UK. We will assist you with the online form, and send it along with your documents to the Home Office. For more information on print and send applications, see our information on Tier 4, and make an appointment to see an adviser.

Parent's bank statements and supporting documents

The UKVI's internal staff guidance for tier 4 has recently given more information on the kind of documents that will be accepted if you are using your parents' bank statements in a tier 4 application. As of the most recent update, only a birth certificate, adoption certificate or court document showing the relationship between the student and parent(s) will be accepted. This does not include affidavits.

If you are intending to use your parents' banks statements as evidence of your maintenance, then please see an VISA adviser who can give you guidance on this.

Changes in application fees

From 6th April 2018, the cost of most visa applications from both inside and outside the UK increased.

Entry Clearance (outside the UK):

Category Fee before 6 April 2018 Fee from 6 April 2018
Tier 4  £335  £348
Tier 4 dependant  £335  £348
Short Term Study  £93  £97
Standard Visitor  £89 £93
Extended Academic Visitor £179 £186
Extended Short Term Study £179 £186

Leave to Remain (inside the UK):

Category Fee before 6 April 2018 Fee from 6 April 2018
Tier 4 £457 £475
Tier 4 Dependant £457 £475

For Applications made in person at the Public Enquiry Office, a fee of £590 increased to £610 from 6 April 2018 per applicant to be added onto the relevant fee above. 

A full list of the changes is available here.

Updating your contact details online

The UKVI has made a form available, allowing you to submit details of a change in address whilst you have a visa application in progress. You must still come and see VISA, and we will assist you in filling this out, and also advise you on how to change your details on your university record. Please note that if any other circumstances change, you will still need to fill out the paper MCC (Migrant Change of Circumstances) form. These are available from an VISA advisor, and again we will assist you with them.

Email enquiries from outside the UK now charged

The UKVI has introduced a charge from 1st June 2017 for all email enquiries sent from outside the UK, charging £5.48 per enquiry.

If you need to contact the UKVI after you have paid your deposit please contact the VISA Team or for GCU London: as they will contact the UKVI on your behalf, free of charge. We can obtain an answer quickly to your enquiry.