You are required to pay a healthcare surcharge as part of your immigration application if you are applying for a visa to study in the UK.  You also need to pay this for any dependents applying for a visa with you.  You will then have access to the National Health Service (NHS) whilst studying in the UK.   Please note there may still be a charge for some services such as dental treatment and prescription charges.

How much is the Immigration Health Surcharge?

The exact amount you have to pay depends on how much leave you are granted. Currently, you will be required to pay £300 per annum for every year granted in the United Kingdom and £150 for every 6 months thereafter.

Using the course dates provided in your CAS Data Check, the IHS calculator will work out the amount you will be required to pay upfront for every year in the United Kingdom.  Please note dependents will need to pay the same amount as you.

When Should I Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge?

If you’re making your immigration application online or through a Premium Service Centre, you pay the surcharge as part of your application or when you book an appointment.